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First off, it’s all great, since Vulkan is not malware. It’s nothing more than the latest graphics standard application. Think it like other graphics drivers such as DirectX and OpenGL. It is a visual studio implement cross-platform entrance to GPUs. Yes, it is going to install on your PC without any notifications or permissions. However, all it does is 3D Graphics API that gets together with Nvidia driver. In other words, it’s built for 3D performance in gaming and it’s bundled with graphics card drivers. So, there should be no concerns about it being malware. 


Vulkan Run Time Libraries Is Not A Virus

Recently, there’s a confusion about Vulkan Run Time Libraries because of the win32/subtab!blnk virus. Some users removed Vulkan Run Time Libraries and declared that Windows Defender ended information about malware. So they concluded that Vulkan Run Time Libraries is a malware. However, there is no relationship between the win32/subtab!blnk virus and Vulkan Run Time Libraries.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries Windows 10

If you want to uninstall it go to your control panel, Uninstall a Program. Scroll down the table of apps and see if there’s a tool called Vulcan Runtime Libraries. Vulkan Runtime Libraries is what we call an” Application Programming Interface,” or API, created by a firm known as the Khronos Group. An API is a script which provides two pieces of software to write quickly. It does so by maintaining logs, or “libraries” of code that your computer can read without needing to seek out the info.

Whenever these two sections of applications attempt to communicate, your computer dumps to the libraries to recall how to promote their interaction. Since the data is right there on the hard disk, your computer does not need to memorise it.

  • Go to control panel.
  • Under the section of programs, you’ll see the option uninstall a program.
  • Try to find Vulkan Run Time Libraries; you will see a list of installed software in the uninstall section.

On an operating system like Windows 10 you can go to “Settings”. Then click “Apps & Features” and seek for Vulkan Runtime Libraries. 

As we discussed earlier, Vulkan Run Time Libraries is a tool that we use in 3D gaming. Keep in understanding that not all games use it, but some like Star Citizen and Dota 2 do. If you don’t play games that need Vulkan Run Time Libraries, you can feel free to remove it.

Vulkan crafts with improvements across graphics APIs such as OpenGL. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • Cross-platform. Vulkan supports Windows and Linux, Android, and for third-parties including iOS and Mac OS.
  • It is Open, industry-controlled, modern and has an efficient design.
  • It has better multi-core support compared to Direct3D or OpenGL.
  • It has reduced load on processors.
  • It has a Better control over the GPU.


Vulkan Run Time Libraries or VulkanRt is nothing more than a 3D Graphics API that comes as a package with Nvidia graphic driver. Yes, it doesn’t request for any permission nor gives notifications when it installs, but it’s not dangerous. If you are gaming, then some games must have it, as without it, there can be graphical issues.

Therefore, we recommend to leave it on your computer, as removing it may create graphics issues and lower performance in games.

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