Computer graphics create picture and films graphics using computers. Usually, specialized graphical hardware and software generate image data by computer. It is widely and recently developed area of computer science. 

In this article, we will discuss Vulkan graphics and compute API.  



The full form of VulkanRt is Vulkan Runtime Libraries. Cross-platform graphics API is necessary because it improves performance in 3D application and gives balanced usage between CPU and GPU. It is designed to help gamers and professionals who work with 3D graphics. They utilize their hardware to improve their performance in those types of applications. The Khronos Group created the Vulkan group in 2014. VulkanRt is not a harmful program or virus.

Vulkan Rt also targets to distribute workloads across multi-core CPUs with reducing CPU usage in 3D applications. However, VulkanRt is not a full replacement for OpenGL, and it is the successor to OpenGL. It works for the same purpose to Direct3D12. Beside Direct3D12, it will work with multiple operating systems like Windows, Android, Linux, and also third-party support for iOS and macOS. A lot of certain games use Vulkan. It is a Malware application.

How did VulkanRT get Installed on your computer?

If VulkanRt has recently shown on your computer, and it happens because it comes with something new that you have recently added. Whenever you will search for Vulkan Rt, install new graphics drivers for your NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. When you update your drivers, then the program automatically gets installed. Or, if you wish to upgrade to a newer graphics card, you likely install Vulkan Rt when you installed your new GPU’s drivers. On the other hand, when you download a new game, it is possible that you also add VulkanRt.

How to locate VulkanRt Program on your computer?

Firstly, if you want to check if the application is present on your system or not. Then, you can check its presence on your computer via two steps –

· Check via Control Panel.

· Check for the Application Inside Settings Application.


Should you Uninstall VulkanRt?

As Always, the answer is NO! Now, many of you should have a question of what will happen if you uninstall it. However, you can notice the uninstallation of VulkanRt when playing games. It needs for 3D performance in Game. For example, some games like Dota 2, Talos Principle, CryEngine, and Star Citizen require VulkanRt. For your benefit, do not uninstall this application if you are playing any of these games.


1. It helps to minimize the CPU power consumption through the process of batching.

2.Keeps the CPU free for other methods.

3. It gives a computer operation with kernels and graphics and API along with the APIs for graphics.

4. It works with various types of modern operating systems such as Android, Tizen, Linux, and Microsoft Windows resemblance with OpenGL.

5. A lot of certain games use Vulkan.


1. Vulkan Rt is more sophisticated management compared to OpenGL.

2. It is not universally supported. 

3.There are some applications which do not help VulkanRt.

4. It is limited in graphics performance in applications on particular devices.


Finally, the primary purpose of this article is that you can know everything about this application. It is entirely safe to keep in your computer. A lot of users have predominantly found this program in their Program files. So, let it be on your computer and enjoy playing games.

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