So, if you have absolutely no idea about what Vulkan runtime is and why they need to be removed, then Bingo! You are in the right place! So let us get a brief idea about what runtime libraries are and for what purpose we can use them.

A collection of software programs that provide one or more than one services or programs is a runtime library. The runtime library contains the different applications or functions that various programs commonly use. It provides additional program resources that are essential to the primary program by enabling a software program which is to be executed with its complete functionality.


What is the Vulkan Runtime Library?

Relax, Vulkan is not a virus or malware. Also, it will not cause any damage to your operating system, and there is no need to remove it from your system. Vulkan Runtime Library is an Application Program Interface (API) which is used to provide new graphics standards. 

It is a 3D graphics API just like DirectX and OpenGL that people use for enhancing the gaming experience. Vulkan is highly efficient and provides you with better performances. Also, Vulkan effectively distributes work amongst various CPU cores. 

So if you are using Nvidia driver, or any software which requires installation of Vulkan Runtime Libraries, you are likely to find a Vulkan Runtime Library install on your computer. 

The Vulkan Runtime Library gets installed on your device automatically without asking for any permission. There has been much fuss about the all-new Vulkan Runtime Library lately. However, if you don’t play games or use programs which requires enhanced graphics, you may not notice Vulkan Runtime Library installed on your computer. 

Lately, there was a lot of confusion that the removal of Vulkan Runtime Library was a solution to the malware problems that aroused after a malware attack. But, later no connection was found among the two.


Vulkan is a new application program interface, so not many games support it. Some of the most popular games that support Vulkan API are Mad Max, Quake, Doom, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, Dota 2 etc.

Why delete Vulkan Runtime Library from your computer?

If you regularly play games that support VulkanRt Runtime Library, you should keep them on your device. However, if you still want to delete the Vulkan Runtime Library, certain steps can be followed:-

  1. Go to Control Panel and select the option Uninstall a program.
  2. Scroll down till you find the Vulkan Runtime Library, selecting it, click on Uninstall. 

Since the Vulkan Runtime Library doesn’t cause any harm to your computer in any manner, removing it may cause graphic problems while playing games. But if you still want to get it removed from your computer, the reinstallation process can be complicated since the graphic drivers need to get installed first. It is always suggested that the Vulkan Runtime Library on your computer can be kept as it doesn’t affect your computer negatively. It is not a malware or virus which can affect the device.   

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