Microsof Compatibility Telemetry

Microsoft compatibility telemetry is an automatic device which takes in data and sends it from your computer to the development team of windows. 

This facility improves the experience of the user by fixing bugs. The company takes in data for the development purpose. And you can also get rid of ‘data-collecting’ script from your machine if you don’t like it. 

The Microsoft compatibility telemetry collects so many varieties of drives information, the multi-media file from the computer, collect data of hardware, sends the information of keyboard every 30 minutes.


The Microsoft compatibility telemetry collects data and uses it to improve security systems. It helps in preventing virus attacks. And most importantly, they come up with new operating systems depending on what the user wants. 

The type of data which is not taken by the Microsoft compatibility telemetry is:

  1. Your geographical location
  2. Search history from the browser bing
  3. Your wallpaper in windows 10

can also turn off the telemetry by refusing to send any data to the Microsoft.

But at the same time as it stores a good enough memory, in the end, you might want to prevent consuming a lot of disk space and spikes the CPU usage. So to save your valuable space, the following are a few things that can help, 

1) DISABLE compatteltunner.exe from task scheduler file

It is an executable which runs the Microsoft compatibility telemeter. This method involves completely disabling the compatteltunner.exe, which prevents the risks of privacy and disk space issues.

Disable this file; simple steps are to be followed:

  1. Hold the Windows + R altogether, and the RUN window will appear
  2. Type “taskschd.msc” and click OK or hit enter
  3. Task scheduler window will be shown, click on task scheduler library at the top and expand its view
  4. Now you’ll see a folder called Microsoft, click to enlarge it
  5. Then you’ll see a window folder, click on it as well to expand it
  6. Locate the application experience folder and click it. There you’ll see some tasks.
  7. Locate the task that listed in Microsoft compatibility appraiser. To disable it, put a right-click on it. And it will turn off the compatibility telemetry.


To disable Microsoft compatibility telemetry using the command prompt (CMD) in Windows 10, we have to follow these few steps

  1. Find the window logo and click on the letter “R” on your keyboard/keypad
  2. Hold on these two keys together at a time to open “run” dialogue box.
  3. Once “run” box pops up, type “cmd” in the blank space, do not press enter yet
  4. We should open CMD as an administrator, so for that, you need to press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER, all together at once.
  5. Now copy and paste the command that appears on tour cmd screen and hit enter after every command.


To disable the Microsoft compatibility telemetry with the assistance of administrative tags, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. First login to your computer, using a username nothing but with administrative privileges.
  2. When you see the desktop, press the Windows key + R to open the run the dialogue box
  3. Type C: Windows\System32 and press enter. 
  4. A directory window will appear and will contain all the system files for OS. Find the file name ‘CompatTelRunner’.
  5. Once you find the ‘compatTelRunner’ file, right-click on it and select properties.
  6. Once the properties are open, click the Security tab from the top. Open the Security tab and locate the advanced settings at the bottom. Click it
  7. A new window appears and finds the owner tab on it.
  8. Open the owner tab and click EDIT.
  9. When you see the ‘EDIT’ option below, select administrators and click apply. Now save your changes by clicking OK
  10. Here you might see prompt asking you to close all the properties windows. Click OK when you have successfully taken the ownership of the file.
  11. Change the permission of the file, before deleting it. To do that, right-click on CapatTellRunner.exe from the system that you opened in step 4.
  12. Click on properties again as before and go to the advanced tab. Select the permission window and choose your administrator account.
  13. Now click on the Allow column next to full control. It should give you all the permission related to this file. That’s what we need to delete this file.
  14. Now go back to system 32 folder and delete the compattelrunner.exe file to turn off compatibility telemetry
  15. Finally right-click on the recycle bin, and empty the recycle bin.
  • This procedure of removing the file seems complicated, then you can also resolve using the previous methods.

Microsoft compatibility telemetry is a self-working program which accesses data of its users, to develop bug-fixing quickly. You can easily get rid of this program if wanted. That way, it will not be able to access your data and can leave the right amount of free disk space.

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