Vulkan Run time Libraries is a graphical engine for their games installed by Khronos Group Inc.

Display card manufacturers install Vulkan Run Time Libraries which help with more understanding of new games. All the new released games need Vulkan RunTime libraries, for HD graphics, colors, and clarity. Vulkan is used to develop programs that need graphical processing such as games etc.

Android has integrated itself for the support of Vulkan RunTime. A lot of improvement has been there in the last year. On May 7, 2018, the updated version, Vulkan 1.1, released its new features, added graphical engines for increasing more direct control over the use of GPU and lower CPU.  It enhances the performance of the game by lowering the usage of GPU.


Now, all those new features added Vulkan RunTime works similarly as the directX12 works. But, they divide the usage of GPU in the device. The multi-GPU technology by NVIDIA and AMD will work in a much better way with the update of Vulkan 1.1. 

Vulkan has many differences in their working such as Vulkan can work in any standard whereas a DirectX12 can work only in windows 10 or Xbox. Another difference that shows up is that Vulkan works with similar multi GPU support by using any software. For example, if you are using NVIDIA GTX 1070 then, you need the same NVIDIA GTX 1070 again, only then you can get multi GPU support. But in the case of DirectX12, you can use different GPUs.

Features of Vulkan Run Time Libraries

Vulkan Run Time Libraries ensure the smooth performance of the game by lowering CPU usage. It offers you more control over the graphics with efficient multithreading ability. New updates are compatible with Mac OS and iOS and can work Android, Windows, and Linux.

How to download “Vulkan Run Time Libraries” on your computer?

To install the Vulkan Run Time Libraries, you need to install the GPU drivers. These libraries include GPUs for the high definition experience of games.


It is easy to find whether Vulkan Run Time Libraries are installed on your PC or not. For that, you have to check the control panel and look for Vulkan run Time Libraries that might be connected. 

Vulkan RunTime finds the correct drivers for your system, so you need to be careful while downloading; it. Otherwise, your computer will be at risk.

You can check this by pressing the combination of Windows key + R and type appwin.cpl in the Run dialogue and press Enter. Programs & Features section of Control Panel will open, and there you can check.

If you can update your drivers with just a click by installing Driver Easy Click and download driver easy and then hit the scan button then, it will scan problem in your driver if any. Then update the driver you want to download

For example, if we talk about NVIDIA driver, you need to download and install the updated version of this driver. With driver easy, it automatically downloads the correct version of the drivers.


Vulkan RunTime Libraries is something good for the simultaneous development of both hardware and software. Vulkan will improve your game; it will result in an optimized state of your computer.

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