Microsof Compatibility Telemetry

Microsoft compatibility telemetry is an automatic device which takes in data and sends it from your computer to the development team of windows. 

This facility improves the experience of the user by fixing bugs. The company takes in data for the development purpose. And you can also get rid of ‘data-collecting’ script from your machine if you don’t like it. 

The Microsoft compatibility telemetry collects so many varieties of drives information, the multi-media file from the computer, collect data of hardware, sends the information of keyboard every 30 minutes.


The Microsoft compatibility telemetry collects data and uses it to improve security systems. It helps in preventing virus attacks. And most importantly, they come up with new operating systems depending on what the user wants. 

The type of data which is not taken by the Microsoft compatibility telemetry is:

  1. Your geographical location
  2. Search history from the browser bing
  3. Your wallpaper in windows 10

can also turn off the telemetry by refusing to send any data to the Microsoft.

But at the same time as it stores a good enough memory, in the end, you might want to prevent consuming a lot of disk space and spikes the CPU usage. So to save your valuable space, the following are a few things that can help, 

1) DISABLE compatteltunner.exe from task scheduler file

It is an executable which runs the Microsoft compatibility telemeter. This method involves completely disabling the compatteltunner.exe, which prevents the risks of privacy and disk space issues.

Disable this file; simple steps are to be followed:

  1. Hold the Windows + R altogether, and the RUN window will appear
  2. Type “taskschd.msc” and click OK or hit enter
  3. Task scheduler window will be shown, click on task scheduler library at the top and expand its view
  4. Now you’ll see a folder called Microsoft, click to enlarge it
  5. Then you’ll see a window folder, click on it as well to expand it
  6. Locate the application experience folder and click it. There you’ll see some tasks.
  7. Locate the task that listed in Microsoft compatibility appraiser. To disable it, put a right-click on it. And it will turn off the compatibility telemetry.


To disable Microsoft compatibility telemetry using the command prompt (CMD) in Windows 10, we have to follow these few steps

  1. Find the window logo and click on the letter “R” on your keyboard/keypad
  2. Hold on these two keys together at a time to open “run” dialogue box.
  3. Once “run” box pops up, type “cmd” in the blank space, do not press enter yet
  4. We should open CMD as an administrator, so for that, you need to press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER, all together at once.
  5. Now copy and paste the command that appears on tour cmd screen and hit enter after every command.


To disable the Microsoft compatibility telemetry with the assistance of administrative tags, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. First login to your computer, using a username nothing but with administrative privileges.
  2. When you see the desktop, press the Windows key + R to open the run the dialogue box
  3. Type C: Windows\System32 and press enter. 
  4. A directory window will appear and will contain all the system files for OS. Find the file name ‘CompatTelRunner’.
  5. Once you find the ‘compatTelRunner’ file, right-click on it and select properties.
  6. Once the properties are open, click the Security tab from the top. Open the Security tab and locate the advanced settings at the bottom. Click it
  7. A new window appears and finds the owner tab on it.
  8. Open the owner tab and click EDIT.
  9. When you see the ‘EDIT’ option below, select administrators and click apply. Now save your changes by clicking OK
  10. Here you might see prompt asking you to close all the properties windows. Click OK when you have successfully taken the ownership of the file.
  11. Change the permission of the file, before deleting it. To do that, right-click on CapatTellRunner.exe from the system that you opened in step 4.
  12. Click on properties again as before and go to the advanced tab. Select the permission window and choose your administrator account.
  13. Now click on the Allow column next to full control. It should give you all the permission related to this file. That’s what we need to delete this file.
  14. Now go back to system 32 folder and delete the compattelrunner.exe file to turn off compatibility telemetry
  15. Finally right-click on the recycle bin, and empty the recycle bin.
  • This procedure of removing the file seems complicated, then you can also resolve using the previous methods.

Microsoft compatibility telemetry is a self-working program which accesses data of its users, to develop bug-fixing quickly. You can easily get rid of this program if wanted. That way, it will not be able to access your data and can leave the right amount of free disk space.


Err_Cache_Miss Chrome Error

Google has made our life. We can have anything in our hands. That small search engine is connecting the world, moreover the whole system. I can easily get to know where my food is, what my favourite person is doing. As the most used and popular search engine in the world, Google has made the revolution. Everything is available, even so to us. We are getting so much help from them. Google is gathering knowledge for us. So, whenever we have anything that is irritating us, we can’t stay satisfied. Just like every system, Google Chrome also has an error. Many of the users reported asking for help to solve the error from Chrome to have happy searching.

err_cache_miss is the most common error of Google Chrome that we are facing in our regular life. A lot of people has found the solution of the error, and some are still looking for it. err_cache_miss is a Google Chrome Browser related error. It happens when the browser has some problem with the catching system. The caching system actually fits into a site or a web-based app which can happen due to mistaken codes into the web or the application. It can happen if there is something erroneous used in browser, just like bugs, late search, corrupted extensions or unethical browser’s settings. It can cause the error.

err_cache_miss is the most common error of Google Chrome that we are facing in our regular life. A lot of people has found the solution of the error, and some are still looking for it. err_cache_miss is a Google Chrome Browser related error. It happens when the browser has some problem with the catching system. The caching system actually fits into a site or a web-based app which can happen due to mistaken codes into the web or the application. It can happen if there is something erroneous used in browser, just like bugs, late search, corrupted extensions or unethical browser’s settings. It can cause the error.

How Could We Solve Error Named err_cache_miss

From the reports we got from other sources, here are some conditions that you may have when you are getting the Confirm Form of Resubmission. We get to know all these things from the reports. Maybe you can relate to these problems. Those are:

  • You may get this error when you will be accessing some websites in your device.
  • You can even get this error while accessing the website you own.
  • You can get this error when you will use Chrome or development tool.

Whatever the situation is that you are in now, we have a solution for these. We will try to show you a few tips that will be helpful for you. You can use it to fix this problem in Google Chrome easily. You can choose them and can skip any tips that you think will not suit your condition.

Let’s see some solutions

Disable Cache System: You can give it a try to disable cache system when you are using the Development Tool. It can be helpful you to avoid the error. If you are disabling the caching system, press Ctrl + Shift + I. Then go for F1 and choose the “Disable cache” option. After it, You just have to reload the web page by having Ctrl + F5.

Remove Unnecessary Connections: On basis of our reports from users, using of few extensions may lead this error. For that, we would mention you to remove excessive extensions and test whether they are the real cause or not for the problem which is happening with you.

Windows Modules Installer Worker

Windows has gone a bit better with its every updated version. But there is always something that may disappoint us by having an issue. Just like that, Windows Modules Installer Worker is a great system to work on Windows 10. But we have a problem with it when it uses the lion’s share of the CPU efficiency by its installation and update process. Windows 10 is a better version of Windows 7. Just like that, Microsoft has corrected many faults of Windows 7 in the next Windows 10. But little things sometimes make a difference. Like this time, it has no other consideration.  


Windows Modules Installer Worker is a Windows Update Service in Windows 10 which is always ready to look for new updates from every software and the installation of them to your computer. In other words, it makes your computer continuously updated. When your personal computer system is checking for any kind of Windows update, Windows Modules Installer Worker will be there to catch it instantly. It will install the updates then. After that, this process will start running automatically in your operating system. It is good always to stay updated. But it sometimes hampers the power of the CPU of your personal computer, as it uses the CPU the most.

Windows Modules Installer Worker

By the given description, we have already known that Windows Modules Installer Worker is updated service that makes you stay updated with every updates of Windows 10 instantly. It will also install the updated versions after having it. But the main problem of the Windows Modules Installer Worker is its usage. Windows Modules Installer Worker uses almost more than 95% of your CPU, which will be hampering for your other official work. Windows 10 has this small problem that can make you restrained from your regular work. But like every issue has its own solution, we have it too. We have two leading solutions to this problem.


Here we are going to discuss two solutions that you can try to fix this problem. You should not have to try both of them together. We have kept it as alternatives. If Method 1 isn’t suitable for you, then you can try another method to solve your problem. In addition, if you have it later also, you can try the other methods from help centre of Window operating system.  

  1. You can try it by stopping or disabling your Windows Updating Service

To go for this, press the Windows key and R at the same time and you will see the Run box. Type services.msc there and click OK. Then you should see the Services window on your screen. Double-click on it. Set up to Disabled and click on Stop and tap on Apply and OK. Your problem will be ended up with it.

  1. If method 1 is not sufficient enough, then try to switch your internet settings. Try another Wi-Fi network. It may be much helpful for you.  


Like our regular lifestyle, we aren’t able to spend an hour without laptop or tablets. And Microsoft office plays a great role. Whenever we are frequent to something, we can realize the disputes which it has. Like that, windows 10 have something as error. From a number of error, 0x8024a105 is an error of Windows 10. This occurs is basically happened for the wrong configuration system in your device.  But there are several kinds of issues, for that your device can face the occur. Maybe it may cause for virus attack, corrupted or missing information, corrupted information and many more things. 


Sometimes our devices started working in a different way. We may not always able to handle the entire problem we have. Just like that Microsoft office 10 has an error 0x8024a105, for which we are now quite used to it. Corrupted files, mild virus attacks, installation mistakes  may cause of this error. But we have some ways to defeat the error. There are several easy tricks to fix the errors and back to work. Some tricks are listed below.

Reboot Your Computer

This is a general homemade solution for every electronics we have in our home. Either you can shut down your computer or you can reboot it. Sometimes rebooting your computer can fix the problem of error 0x8024a105. So and to the start button and reboot it and open the windows again. If it still has the problem. Try other methods.


Change Or Switch Your Internet Connection

If rebooting your computer is not worth working, then you can try this method. Switch your internet connection and keep it off for sometimes. Check if your current internet network connection is working well or not. Make sure if there are no problems with it. After that, you need to switch off your internet connection. And keep it off for some times. If you’re working with a LAN connection then you can switch to WIFI. If you’re using WIFI, then try to connect it with a wired connection. Preferably you can connect it with a Cat5 cable. After you switch the networks, try to have a Windows Update once again. This trick is very popular and it mostly works to solve the Windows error 0x8024a105. If the issue still occurs, then try out other methods below.

Also Check :- Antimalware Service Executable

Reinstall Windows 10

If nothing of the above method helps, then maybe it’s a problem with your windows. There is a great working solution is to uninstall your windows. If there is no other solution that is much helpful to you, then try to reinstall your Windows 10. Install Windows 10 properly that will get rid of any system errors of Windows. It would be the final solution to any issues that you are facing. It can fix the error 0x8024a105.

Hope it is much helpful to you. So, go ahead and fix it.

Antimalware Service Executable

Windows internally take care of all the virus and malware for the processes that are going on. The process is known as ‘Antimalware Service Executable’ or also can be seen as ‘MsMpEng.exe’. This service is a part of Windows Operating System, is known to consume a massive amount of RAM, works continuously and like any other process, can be terminated if the user wants it.

What is Antimalware Service Executable ?

Windows has its excellent anti-malware or anti-virus application; it is known as ‘Windows Defender’ and is the updated version of the free ‘Microsoft Security Essentials’ antivirus service which came in Windows 7. This ensures that there is always an antivirus present on the system to protect the system from any unwanted virus attacks. If you have external antivirus software installed, the ‘Windows Defender’ will turn to disable mode while if the external application expires, then the system will deactivate the external application and activate the ‘Windows Defender’.


The Antimalware Executable Service process is the internal antivirus software process service. This service always remains running in the system background. Like any other antimalware service, it continually runs and scans the system, installation processes and other processes for any malware or virus.

Why it uses so much CPU?

The ‘Antimalware Service Executable’ service continually runs in the background because of its nature to continuously scan files and other processes for any virus. Since the scan includes scanning of network connections, installation processes, and even the application folders that are installed in the primary drive, the overall process of scanning becomes bulky, and so, this service consumes a significant amount of CPU, RAM or even DISK.

Can I Disable It?

Like any other process, application or game, this is also a service which is running in your PC, and so, you can very well disable it easily. Although it cannot be disabled by clicking the ‘End Task’ button in your task manager, it can be disabled the other way.

  • Why Can I not disable it from Task Manager?

Windows 10 considers it an important task, and so, it assumes that a job can be terminated by mistake from the task manager. And so, you cannot disable it from the task manager. Although you can find the process in the task manager, when you will select it and click on ‘End Task’ or ‘End Process’ button, the windows will show an error that the service cannot be executed.

  • How can I disable it?

You can disable it by opening the Windows Defender application. Go to Windows Defender 🡪 Virus and Threat Protection. In the Real-Time Protection menu, disable it. And so, the service will get terminated.


Although it consumes a lot of RAM or CPU, it might look like the service is like a virus. But indeed, is not. You can see the process in the processes menu of your task manager, or it is also reflected by the name of ‘MsMpEng.exe’ in the services menu of the task manager. 

Hope you liked this article, if you want more information, you can ask in the comment section below.


Vulkan Run time Libraries is a graphical engine for their games installed by Khronos Group Inc.

Display card manufacturers install Vulkan Run Time Libraries which help with more understanding of new games. All the new released games need Vulkan RunTime libraries, for HD graphics, colors, and clarity. Vulkan is used to develop programs that need graphical processing such as games etc.

Android has integrated itself for the support of Vulkan RunTime. A lot of improvement has been there in the last year. On May 7, 2018, the updated version, Vulkan 1.1, released its new features, added graphical engines for increasing more direct control over the use of GPU and lower CPU.  It enhances the performance of the game by lowering the usage of GPU.


Now, all those new features added Vulkan RunTime works similarly as the directX12 works. But, they divide the usage of GPU in the device. The multi-GPU technology by NVIDIA and AMD will work in a much better way with the update of Vulkan 1.1. 

Vulkan has many differences in their working such as Vulkan can work in any standard whereas a DirectX12 can work only in windows 10 or Xbox. Another difference that shows up is that Vulkan works with similar multi GPU support by using any software. For example, if you are using NVIDIA GTX 1070 then, you need the same NVIDIA GTX 1070 again, only then you can get multi GPU support. But in the case of DirectX12, you can use different GPUs.

Features of Vulkan Run Time Libraries

Vulkan Run Time Libraries ensure the smooth performance of the game by lowering CPU usage. It offers you more control over the graphics with efficient multithreading ability. New updates are compatible with Mac OS and iOS and can work Android, Windows, and Linux.

How to download “Vulkan Run Time Libraries” on your computer?

To install the Vulkan Run Time Libraries, you need to install the GPU drivers. These libraries include GPUs for the high definition experience of games.


It is easy to find whether Vulkan Run Time Libraries are installed on your PC or not. For that, you have to check the control panel and look for Vulkan run Time Libraries that might be connected. 

Vulkan RunTime finds the correct drivers for your system, so you need to be careful while downloading; it. Otherwise, your computer will be at risk.

You can check this by pressing the combination of Windows key + R and type appwin.cpl in the Run dialogue and press Enter. Programs & Features section of Control Panel will open, and there you can check.

If you can update your drivers with just a click by installing Driver Easy Click and download driver easy and then hit the scan button then, it will scan problem in your driver if any. Then update the driver you want to download

For example, if we talk about NVIDIA driver, you need to download and install the updated version of this driver. With driver easy, it automatically downloads the correct version of the drivers.


Vulkan RunTime Libraries is something good for the simultaneous development of both hardware and software. Vulkan will improve your game; it will result in an optimized state of your computer.

Windows 10

First off, it’s all great, since Vulkan is not malware. It’s nothing more than the latest graphics standard application. Think it like other graphics drivers such as DirectX and OpenGL. It is a visual studio implement cross-platform entrance to GPUs. Yes, it is going to install on your PC without any notifications or permissions. However, all it does is 3D Graphics API that gets together with Nvidia driver. In other words, it’s built for 3D performance in gaming and it’s bundled with graphics card drivers. So, there should be no concerns about it being malware. 


Vulkan Run Time Libraries Is Not A Virus

Recently, there’s a confusion about Vulkan Run Time Libraries because of the win32/subtab!blnk virus. Some users removed Vulkan Run Time Libraries and declared that Windows Defender ended information about malware. So they concluded that Vulkan Run Time Libraries is a malware. However, there is no relationship between the win32/subtab!blnk virus and Vulkan Run Time Libraries.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries Windows 10

If you want to uninstall it go to your control panel, Uninstall a Program. Scroll down the table of apps and see if there’s a tool called Vulcan Runtime Libraries. Vulkan Runtime Libraries is what we call an” Application Programming Interface,” or API, created by a firm known as the Khronos Group. An API is a script which provides two pieces of software to write quickly. It does so by maintaining logs, or “libraries” of code that your computer can read without needing to seek out the info.

Whenever these two sections of applications attempt to communicate, your computer dumps to the libraries to recall how to promote their interaction. Since the data is right there on the hard disk, your computer does not need to memorise it.

  • Go to control panel.
  • Under the section of programs, you’ll see the option uninstall a program.
  • Try to find Vulkan Run Time Libraries; you will see a list of installed software in the uninstall section.

On an operating system like Windows 10 you can go to “Settings”. Then click “Apps & Features” and seek for Vulkan Runtime Libraries. 

As we discussed earlier, Vulkan Run Time Libraries is a tool that we use in 3D gaming. Keep in understanding that not all games use it, but some like Star Citizen and Dota 2 do. If you don’t play games that need Vulkan Run Time Libraries, you can feel free to remove it.

Vulkan crafts with improvements across graphics APIs such as OpenGL. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • Cross-platform. Vulkan supports Windows and Linux, Android, and for third-parties including iOS and Mac OS.
  • It is Open, industry-controlled, modern and has an efficient design.
  • It has better multi-core support compared to Direct3D or OpenGL.
  • It has reduced load on processors.
  • It has a Better control over the GPU.


Vulkan Run Time Libraries or VulkanRt is nothing more than a 3D Graphics API that comes as a package with Nvidia graphic driver. Yes, it doesn’t request for any permission nor gives notifications when it installs, but it’s not dangerous. If you are gaming, then some games must have it, as without it, there can be graphical issues.

Therefore, we recommend to leave it on your computer, as removing it may create graphics issues and lower performance in games.


So, if you have absolutely no idea about what Vulkan runtime is and why they need to be removed, then Bingo! You are in the right place! So let us get a brief idea about what runtime libraries are and for what purpose we can use them.

A collection of software programs that provide one or more than one services or programs is a runtime library. The runtime library contains the different applications or functions that various programs commonly use. It provides additional program resources that are essential to the primary program by enabling a software program which is to be executed with its complete functionality.


What is the Vulkan Runtime Library?

Relax, Vulkan is not a virus or malware. Also, it will not cause any damage to your operating system, and there is no need to remove it from your system. Vulkan Runtime Library is an Application Program Interface (API) which is used to provide new graphics standards. 

It is a 3D graphics API just like DirectX and OpenGL that people use for enhancing the gaming experience. Vulkan is highly efficient and provides you with better performances. Also, Vulkan effectively distributes work amongst various CPU cores. 

So if you are using Nvidia driver, or any software which requires installation of Vulkan Runtime Libraries, you are likely to find a Vulkan Runtime Library install on your computer. 

The Vulkan Runtime Library gets installed on your device automatically without asking for any permission. There has been much fuss about the all-new Vulkan Runtime Library lately. However, if you don’t play games or use programs which requires enhanced graphics, you may not notice Vulkan Runtime Library installed on your computer. 

Lately, there was a lot of confusion that the removal of Vulkan Runtime Library was a solution to the malware problems that aroused after a malware attack. But, later no connection was found among the two.


Vulkan is a new application program interface, so not many games support it. Some of the most popular games that support Vulkan API are Mad Max, Quake, Doom, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, Dota 2 etc.

Why delete Vulkan Runtime Library from your computer?

If you regularly play games that support VulkanRt Runtime Library, you should keep them on your device. However, if you still want to delete the Vulkan Runtime Library, certain steps can be followed:-

  1. Go to Control Panel and select the option Uninstall a program.
  2. Scroll down till you find the Vulkan Runtime Library, selecting it, click on Uninstall. 

Since the Vulkan Runtime Library doesn’t cause any harm to your computer in any manner, removing it may cause graphic problems while playing games. But if you still want to get it removed from your computer, the reinstallation process can be complicated since the graphic drivers need to get installed first. It is always suggested that the Vulkan Runtime Library on your computer can be kept as it doesn’t affect your computer negatively. It is not a malware or virus which can affect the device.   


Vulkan is a new graphics standard that helps to lower the usage of CPU. It improves your experience of gaming. Vulkan runtime libraries are pre-installed in many devices. If you use Nvidia drivers, then your Computer may have Vulkan installed in it. But you have checked your Computer for that; your Computer might not show a pop-up, so you need to check your programs in the control panel.

Vulkan is not a malware; in fact, it is an advanced graphics card with efficient multithreading capabilities.


Need to install Vulkan RunTime Libraries

Want to have the best gaming experience? Download Vulkan RunTime Libraries and automatically have the fun of games.  Leading graphics card manufacturers use VulkanRT for the better delivery of GPU performance for PC users.

For example, NVIDIA and AMD have started to manufacture graphics cards with Vulkan Run Time Libraries.

VulkanRT installs on your PC automatically in the background when you connect your video card drivers. But you will not get a notification, even if you install the libraries manually or it resumes in the background. Many people rarely get to know they already have VulkanRT installed on their Computer.

For game lovers, this is very important. So after installing, don’t uninstall it. It is quite challenging to reinstall. Because first, you have to install the drivers for that first. So it is a time-consuming process. Vulkan has been popular lately, due to the win32/subtab!blnk virus. Uninstalling Vulkan Run Time Libraries stops the working of Windows Defender from displaying malware attack information in your device. 

Apart from the malware problems, what happens when you install Vulkan RunTime from your Computer?

 If you uninstall Vulkan from your PC, these are the issues you are likely to experience.

  • The screen resolution cannot be changed. We will not be able to get high definition video. There may be an issue of Poor HD video rendering 
  • There may be crashes and other PC issues.
  • You will not be able to play games with good experience.

How to install Vulkan RunTime

Now when you know, Vulkan is the spy fighter for your PC. So download it like this.

  1. You need to have the name of the manufacturer and model of your graphics card. 

Don’t know about the graphic card? Find it here:

  • Click Start on your Computer
  • Enter Run into the search tool 
  • press Enter on your keyboard
  • As the new window appears, type commands
  • Enter MSC and hit Enter again
  • Again, A new window appears where you’ll be able to access Display properties
  • A note will appear, and here are the graphics card details.
  1. Search for graphics card drivers and download the drivers.
  2. Now, the steps to download the drivers
  • visit the official website of your graphics card manufacturer
  • Search the site for drivers
  • You should find it under Downloads
  • choose the appropriate drivers
  • Now download the drivers
  1. After downloading the graphics drivers, now proceed to install them.
  • Click the file you downloaded, A new window appears
  • Follow the instructions on your screen
  • Complete the installation of the drivers
  • after the installation completes, restart your PC


This proves Vulkan is the solution to the malware issues. It just stops the win32/subtab!blnk virus from the device. So leave Vulkan libraries in your device as it is, removing it from the device may cause various graphics issues while playing games.

There are a series of games that support Vulkan RunTime Libraries, like Dota 2, Rust, Need for Speed, Ashes of Singularity, Doom, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, Ark Survival Evolved, and many more.



Computer graphics create picture and films graphics using computers. Usually, specialized graphical hardware and software generate image data by computer. It is widely and recently developed area of computer science. 

In this article, we will discuss Vulkan graphics and compute API.  



The full form of VulkanRt is Vulkan Runtime Libraries. Cross-platform graphics API is necessary because it improves performance in 3D application and gives balanced usage between CPU and GPU. It is designed to help gamers and professionals who work with 3D graphics. They utilize their hardware to improve their performance in those types of applications. The Khronos Group created the Vulkan group in 2014. VulkanRt is not a harmful program or virus.

Vulkan Rt also targets to distribute workloads across multi-core CPUs with reducing CPU usage in 3D applications. However, VulkanRt is not a full replacement for OpenGL, and it is the successor to OpenGL. It works for the same purpose to Direct3D12. Beside Direct3D12, it will work with multiple operating systems like Windows, Android, Linux, and also third-party support for iOS and macOS. A lot of certain games use Vulkan. It is a Malware application.

How did VulkanRT get Installed on your computer?

If VulkanRt has recently shown on your computer, and it happens because it comes with something new that you have recently added. Whenever you will search for Vulkan Rt, install new graphics drivers for your NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. When you update your drivers, then the program automatically gets installed. Or, if you wish to upgrade to a newer graphics card, you likely install Vulkan Rt when you installed your new GPU’s drivers. On the other hand, when you download a new game, it is possible that you also add VulkanRt.

How to locate VulkanRt Program on your computer?

Firstly, if you want to check if the application is present on your system or not. Then, you can check its presence on your computer via two steps –

· Check via Control Panel.

· Check for the Application Inside Settings Application.


Should you Uninstall VulkanRt?

As Always, the answer is NO! Now, many of you should have a question of what will happen if you uninstall it. However, you can notice the uninstallation of VulkanRt when playing games. It needs for 3D performance in Game. For example, some games like Dota 2, Talos Principle, CryEngine, and Star Citizen require VulkanRt. For your benefit, do not uninstall this application if you are playing any of these games.


1. It helps to minimize the CPU power consumption through the process of batching.

2.Keeps the CPU free for other methods.

3. It gives a computer operation with kernels and graphics and API along with the APIs for graphics.

4. It works with various types of modern operating systems such as Android, Tizen, Linux, and Microsoft Windows resemblance with OpenGL.

5. A lot of certain games use Vulkan.


1. Vulkan Rt is more sophisticated management compared to OpenGL.

2. It is not universally supported. 

3.There are some applications which do not help VulkanRt.

4. It is limited in graphics performance in applications on particular devices.


Finally, the primary purpose of this article is that you can know everything about this application. It is entirely safe to keep in your computer. A lot of users have predominantly found this program in their Program files. So, let it be on your computer and enjoy playing games.