Antimalware Service Executable

Windows internally take care of all the virus and malware for the processes that are going on. The process is known as ‘Antimalware Service Executable’ or also can be seen as ‘MsMpEng.exe’. This service is a part of Windows Operating System, is known to consume a massive amount of RAM, works continuously and like any other process, can be terminated if the user wants it.

What is Antimalware Service Executable ?

Windows has its excellent anti-malware or anti-virus application; it is known as ‘Windows Defender’ and is the updated version of the free ‘Microsoft Security Essentials’ antivirus service which came in Windows 7. This ensures that there is always an antivirus present on the system to protect the system from any unwanted virus attacks. If you have external antivirus software installed, the ‘Windows Defender’ will turn to disable mode while if the external application expires, then the system will deactivate the external application and activate the ‘Windows Defender’.


The Antimalware Executable Service process is the internal antivirus software process service. This service always remains running in the system background. Like any other antimalware service, it continually runs and scans the system, installation processes and other processes for any malware or virus.

Why it uses so much CPU?

The ‘Antimalware Service Executable’ service continually runs in the background because of its nature to continuously scan files and other processes for any virus. Since the scan includes scanning of network connections, installation processes, and even the application folders that are installed in the primary drive, the overall process of scanning becomes bulky, and so, this service consumes a significant amount of CPU, RAM or even DISK.

Can I Disable It?

Like any other process, application or game, this is also a service which is running in your PC, and so, you can very well disable it easily. Although it cannot be disabled by clicking the ‘End Task’ button in your task manager, it can be disabled the other way.

  • Why Can I not disable it from Task Manager?

Windows 10 considers it an important task, and so, it assumes that a job can be terminated by mistake from the task manager. And so, you cannot disable it from the task manager. Although you can find the process in the task manager, when you will select it and click on ‘End Task’ or ‘End Process’ button, the windows will show an error that the service cannot be executed.

  • How can I disable it?

You can disable it by opening the Windows Defender application. Go to Windows Defender 🡪 Virus and Threat Protection. In the Real-Time Protection menu, disable it. And so, the service will get terminated.


Although it consumes a lot of RAM or CPU, it might look like the service is like a virus. But indeed, is not. You can see the process in the processes menu of your task manager, or it is also reflected by the name of ‘MsMpEng.exe’ in the services menu of the task manager. 

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