Vulkan Runtime Libraries – What is It? Installtion & Removal

Have you recently tripped upon the program Vulkan Runtime Libraries also called VulkanRT on your computer? Many users have discovered this program in their Program Files (x86) folder, or on their apps list in Windows 10. If you have seen this program on your system, you may have imagined to yourself “what is Vulkan Runtime Libraries and should I eliminate it?”

The short-term answer is no; you should not. Vulkan Runtime Libraries is not a malicious program.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries

What is VulkanRT (Vulkan Runtime Libraries)?

Vulkan Runtime Libraries is a cross-platform graphics API that aims to improve performance in 3D applications. Games or interactive media and provide balanced usage between your CPU and GPU.

The Vulkan project was founded by the Khronos Group (a consortium focused on building open standard APIs) in 2014. The Khronos Group stated VulkanRt at the Game Developer’s Conference in 2015.

Why are the Vulkan Runtime Libraries installed on my computer?

The main point that these libraries install automatically and these files don’t need any permission to install. Usually, when you connect your NVidia drivers or Steam or any other program that needs Vulkan Run Time Libraries, these are installed automatically. Many of these programs don’t even have an option of not installing the Vulkan also if you choose custom installation. Some of the applications force ask for permission while some installations may not, and sometimes we won’t even notice these on our computers installing automatically. However, these files don’t impose a threat to your computer.

So, no one has to bother about anything if you see Vulkan Run Time Libraries installed on your system. Forget it there and keep having fun with your programs which requires these files.


Why do these files are flagged as a threat?

Many times our Windows defender or our very best Anti-virus might flag Vulkan Runtime Libraries as a threat, and these flags are regular, but that is a false positive. Just like many other programs that get flagged by our Anti-virus despite them being safe, Vulkan is entirely secure to store.

Should I uninstall Vulkan Run Time Libraries?

If you want to remove Vulkan, then you can uninstall it. You might not even see a difference in your gaming experience if your games aren’t using Vulkan. Nevertheless, if there are games on your computer that need Vulkan for the best performance, you will sense the drop in quality. Also, keep in memory, once you delete the Vulkan Run Time Libraries, you won’t be capable of downloading these on your own manually. You will have to reinstall your graphics drivers or any other program that installed Vulkan in the first place.

Now, the question arises what can we do with Vulkan Run Time Libraries? 

As we can see we don’t have to do anything about Vulkan Run Time Libraries. It’s not a malware nor a virus, and it does not affect our systems as well. Instead, it’s the new graphics PAR render with a more straightforward, thinner driver with efficient CPU multi-threading efficiency. 


Why graphic card manufacturers use Vulkan Runtime Libraries

  • Efficient multi-threading allows for smooth game performance.
  • Lower overhead ensures minimal GPU usage.
  • A simpler graphics driver.
  • Better control over the graphics hardware
  • Open and modern architecture
  • Cross-platform with support for Windows, Linux, and Android
  • Supports iOS and Mac OS through third-party solutions
  • Vulkan Applications & Uses

Vulkan can be used to improve programs that need graphical processing, such as games. When it comes to gaming, a lot of Android-based games are on Vulkan and Android already has these libraries integrated into itself. These help developers just get started with the development of these Vulkan supported video games.

Many versions to Vulkan before 1.1 were standardized as features into the update and it now performs a lot like to DirectX 12 where programs can divide the GPU workload amongst multiple GPUs present. Which means, the multi-GPU tech from NVIDIA, SLI and Crossfire and with the Vulkan 1.1 update and works efficiently. 

Vulkan vs DirectX 12

If we are about to compete for both of these graphical processing technologies, we can point out some crucial things that differentiate both Vulkan and DirectX 12 from one another. The first and foremost difference is that Microsoft has developed DirectX 12 for all their platforms like Xbox and Windows 10. while Vulkan, on the opposite hand, is a royalty-free open type. Which can be used by anyone and you can use it for any platform or any computer for developing needs.

Another difference is that Vulkan needs comparable GPU support, which means you need to use the same GPU. You cannot use another GPUs from various companies like NVIDIA and AMD. If you’re using a precise model of GPU for instance, an NVIDIA GTX 1070 then for Vulkan you will need a related NVIDIA GTX 1070. These will give the advantage of the multi-GPU support.


How To Reinstall Vulkan Run Time Libraries

  • Start by typing “run” in Search and selecting the “Run” result. 
  • Write “appwiz.cpl” in the run box.
  • Right-click it and select particular Vulkan RunTime Libraries version installed on Windows, Click uninstall to remove it from the computer.
  • Follow the given instructions and complete the uninstallation process.
  • If you decide to uninstall it and then later wish to reinstall it, you need to uninstall the graphics drivers completely. 
  • To do so, type “device manager” on the settings menu and click the “Device Manager” result.
  • Get your graphics hardware device and open it, right-click the graphics driver and choose “Uninstall device”.
  • Tick the “Delete the driver ” checkbox before uninstalling the device and then click “Uninstall”.
  • Now, if you’ll restart your computer and Windows will automatically reinstall the removed drivers. If for some logic it does not, go back to Device Manager, right-click the video driver and under the video hardware device, update the driver.
  • You will be directed to wish to search for drivers: automatically for the updated driver software. Select your favoured option and comprehend the instructions.

Well, having to learn all these details, you will definitely get a grip on the Vulkan runtime libraries. You can download it on windows 10. In this article, you have been given with all the necessary details which you might be searching in numerous websites, yet can’t accumulate all facts at one place. We hope you find it useful and for your benefit, we would like you to contact us for your feedbacks.